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Evangeline Love

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Welsh stunner Evangeline Love is a fun, sweet-natured anal queen who is open to trying just about anything, from being submissively tied up in a hardcore bondage scene to donning a strap-on and playing a saucy dominatrix. The self-described "filthy, petite brunette" says that she gets seriously turned on when other people get off on watching her perform, and she isn’t afraid of being caught fucking a stranger in public – and the rougher the sex, the better! Evangeline is also an avid collector of sex toys, which include various-sized dildos, butt plugs, and anal beads. Moreover, the ever-horny nymph is a massive cumslut who fantasizes about shooting a bukkake scene where she gets drenched in cum! When the curvy babe isn’t busy establishing a name for herself in the smut biz, she enjoys clubbing or watching a horror movie with friends, as well as frequenting the gym to keep herself in shape. Check out beautiful Evangeline in her sexy scenes down below!

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